Custom Home Construction (Temporary Power)

Electrical service (temporary)Plan review on our custom home construction project is complete.  All the needed permits have been obtained.  This week, some trees were removed to prepare for the excavation to begin.  The next step before construction starts is to set up temporary power.  Temporary power is needed in order to use power tools and other equipment during construction.  In a later blog post, we will talk about the permanent electricity supply to the house.

Construction work requires electrical power for many purposes during the entire project.  However, special consideration is necessary that is not needed in completed structures, like the exposure to weather, any relocation of the temporary power and rough use.  Because of the hazards that could be encountered, strict standards need to be established for installation.

First, the builder contacts the electricity supplier and schedules a time to meet their engineer at the building site.  They review the plans and decide on the best location to install a temporary pole.  The contractor will install the temporary pole at the approved location.

Once the pole is in place, the builder sends an electrician to install a temporary power panel and meter socket.  Before power is turned on for use, it will need to be inspected.  Once the electrical inspector approves the temporary setup, the power company will run a line to the temporary pole and electricity is turned on and ready for use.

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