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Custom Home Construction (Garage Walls and Roof Trusses)

100_0223Work continues this week and the guys are really going strong!

Now that the backfill has been completed, we brought the crane back on site and the garage foundation walls were installed.  These walls are the same construction as the basement foundation walls and built by Superior Walls by Advanced Concrete.  These insulated pre-cast concrete wall systems have a minimum 5000+psi and were custom built to our specifications.  The crane and certified crew put the walls in place in a matter of a couple of hours.

Once the garage foundation walls were in place, the excavator proceeded to backfill the same way he did around the exterior of the house.  As mentioned in our previous post, this is done to provide full support and drainage for the exterior walls.

The exterior wall panels above grade were also secured into place.  These panels were constructed the same way and with the same material as the first floor house walls.  They are pre-engineered and built with 2×6 boards and 7/16 OSB.

We also installed the glulam beams for the garage door headers.  Glulam, or glued laminated timber, is a structural timber product of multiple layers of dimensioned timber bonded together with durable, moisture resistant structural adhesive.  By laminating a number of smaller pieces of timber, a single large, strong, structural member is manufactured.  These are then used as vertical columns or horizontal beams, but can also be produced in curved shapes for archways, etc.

Now that the walls are in place, the house is ready for roof trusses.  100_0242Roof trusses are delivered to the job site pre-assembled.  They are lifted onto the frame of the house by a crane and secured to the house with a specialized fastener called FastenMaster TimberLok heavy duty fasteners.  These fasteners are used specifically for roof trusses and replace hurricane ties that are typically used.  They also meet all building and safety code requirements.

The house is now ready for roof sheathing.  Watch for our next post for photos and details on this phase of the project.

Custom Home Construction (Foundation Walls)

100_0119We’re happy to say the weather has held up pretty well and the excavation went as planned.  Over the weekend the plumbing rough-in was completed and we are ready for foundation walls.

Tuesday morning was the day the foundation walls are delivered and put in place.  Wilkins Contracting used Superior Walls by Advanced Concrete for this project.  Their system is a process that begins with your custom design and ends with your pre-insulated basement.

Superior Walls by Advanced Concrete Systems are insulated precast concrete wall systems that are custom manufactured to each building’s specifications and have a minimum 5000+psi.  The product forms a concrete cavity wall panel with concrete studs reinforced with rebar and polypropylene fibers providing additional structural strength.  These walls are water-proof and energy efficient providing a built-in insulation with an R value of 21.  They include access holes that are built-in for wiring and can for plumbing as well so no additional framing is needed.

The walls are custom designed to virtually any architectural style to include window and door openings, beam pockets and brick ledges and are available in 4’, 8’2” and 10’ heights.  They are manufactured in a climate-controlled facility and delivered directly to the job site.  With the use of a crane and certified crews, the walls are installed in less than a day.

Now that the walls are in place, the basement floor will be poured and basement interior support walls will be built.

You can see a photo gallery of this and other projects by clicking here.