Custom Home Construction (Plan Review)

Plans reviewThe next phase of custom home construction is called Plan Review.  Plan Review will get the permits needed for your builder to break ground on your new home.

One of the most important parts of this process is talking to adjacent neighbors.  You’re probably wondering why.  Property owners surrounding your property can tell you about “little known” underground utilities.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pennsylvania 811, or PA One Call.  Before any excavation can begin on your land, the builder or excavator must call PA One Call.  Once the PA One Call system receives the information about your job, its members go to the job site and mark the location of underground lines.  This ensures the safety of you and your builder’s staff, or anyone in the vicinity of the job site.

So, why is it necessary to talk to the neighbors if PA One Call is marking the underground utilities?  Well, Wilkins Contracting discovered an unanticipated gas line by talking with one of the property owners that share a property line with their client.  Gas wells are labeled as to who owns and operates that line.  By contacting the adjacent land owner, they showed us where it was located.

Another part of plan review involves presenting a site map to the local code enforcement officials that will show the position of the proposed house.  The site map needs to show setbacks, or how far you’re building from adjacent property lines.  Stakes and markers are also placed on the property showing where the house is to be built.

Construction projects must meet the requirements of Pennsylvania building codes.  Different phases of all building projects need to be inspected by a code inspector in the municipality of the building project.  We will discuss inspections in a future post.

Stay tuned for our next post.  Excavation begins soon!

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