Custom Home Construction (Finalizing Inside Details)

100_0478Some final details on the inside of the house that all seem to happen simultaneously are painting, floor covering and appliances.  Once these are complete, a temporary certificate of occupancy can be obtained and the homeowners can move into their brand new home.

The homeowner has already chosen paint colors and floor coverings for each room.  Whether it be carpet, tile, etc., it is usually installed after the painting is complete.  You want to be sure that carpet, actually all of the flooring, is installed by experienced installers to ensure it is done correctly.

Once the flooring is complete, the appliances can be delivered.  Whether you ordered new or are moving existing appliances in, be sure the floor is protected against scratches in the tile or snags in the carpet.  Once everything is in place, the covering can be removed.

It is a good idea to do a walk through the house after the flooring is installed to ensure there are no marks on the wall that will need cleaned or repaired.  You should have some spare paint and any marks can be easily fixed by the painters.

We were able to get the homeowners a temporary certificate of occupancy so they could move into their new home in early February.  Some outside work still needs to be completed and once the ground thaws, the front porch and sidewalk will be poured, a front porch roof built, and the ground grade and seed will be completed.

A big thank you goes out to the Wilkins Contracting crew who worked hard during this entire project.  From start to finish, we couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to build this home.

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