Custom Home Construction (Part 1)

Over the next several months, we will be writing posts about the process of building a new home.  We’re excited to be starting construction on a custom home and will be sharing the process and details with you as we build from start to finish.

Holtz GroundThe most important part of starting your building project would be finding the location.  Where are you building your home?  What style of home fits at this location?  What about utilities?  Are there any easements needed?  A lot of questions need answered and your builder can help you through all of them.

You also will work with your lender so you know your budget.  The bank will let you know how much you can spend on a home so that you can begin the process of creating plans and working with your builder.

The beginning of the process will keep everyone very busy.  You start with numerous meetings with the builder in conjunction with the architect who will be drawing up the plans for your new home.  In the process of all of these meetings, the architect will prepare a “concept drawing,” which is a technical drawing of your building project.  These drawings made according to a set of conventions, including the floor plan, units of measurement and scales and are used by the architects, builders and others for a number of purposes like:

  • developing a design idea into a proposal
  • communicating ideas and concepts
  • enabling the builder to construct your home

holtz planOnce the drawings are done, the fun begins.  You work with the builder on specific details of the home (i.e., room sizes and amenities).  Decisions are made on the type of heat you want in your new home; conventional, hot water, or cutting edge geo thermal.  You decide on other items as well like, windows, bathroom fixtures, flooring, etc.

Comprehensive plans will then be created by the architect and provided to the builder and the financial institution that will be financing the new home.  Your financing is then all set up including a payment schedule to the builder.  Your closing will be scheduled so that all the appropriate paperwork can be signed.

Once a letter of commitment is sent to the builder by the financial institution, the building process begins with permits and plan reviews.  This process varies by city/township but is handled by the builder.

Stay tuned for the next post which will begin with breaking ground!

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