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Dreaming of a new deck?

DecksIt’s that time of year. The trees are starting to sprout buds and the weather is definitely warming up. You always enjoy entertaining outside or just sitting and soaking up the sun. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice deck to use for sun bathing or an evening barbeque?

Decking material comes in different materials and colors, making them durable and easy to maintain. Some are wood and pressure treated but vinyl decks are becoming more and more popular.

When thinking about a deck for your home, it’s worth thinking long-term. You’ll want to consider materials and costs but also consider things that are more precious…like a lazy lunch on a sunny afternoon with the kids, some “me” time to lounge and read a good book, or family barbeques.

Some materials to consider when looking at designs and costs include:

  1. High-performance composite decking – This is a more costly option but is easily cleaned with soap and water, resistant to stains, scratches and mold, and has a natural wood grain finish.
  2. PVC (Vinyl) Decking – This is a plastic material with no organic content making it a low maintenance option. This material is stain, scratch and mold resistant. It also features a finished look without needing paint.
  3. Early-generation Composite Decking – This is a durable product made of part wood and part plastic that won’t rot or splinter. It is made from earth-friendly materials but can fade and stain. It is also more prone to mold and mildew and requires periodic cleaning with deck wash.
  4. Wood decking – This is exactly how it reads…real, natural wood. Wood decks retain a traditional feel and are the most affordable option for decking materials. It is easy to work with but is also susceptible to splintering, rot, splitting, swelling, twisting and fading. More yearly maintenance such as painting and staining is necessary with wood decking.

Some materials will allow for more customized design options like curves and multiple colors, as well as wood grain patterns. Others are more limited but can also add the beauty and functionality you are looking for.

You’ll want to talk to your contractor who can make recommendations on the best decking design and materials to best meet your needs.