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Custom Home Construction (First Floor Walls and Backfill)

It was another busy week atExterior Walls the site of our new home construction.  This time of year gives us some warm and some cold days.  We’re making the most of the great weather and our guys are working hard to get it under roof before the first snow.

After the basement walls were finished, the next phase was the first floor exterior walls.  The wall panels were secured into the place so they are ready for roof trusses to arrive next.  The walls were pre-engineered and built with 2×6 boards and 7/16 OSB (oriented strand board).

OSB is an engineered wood particle board formed by layering strands (flakes) of wood in specific orientations.  It has a rough, variegated surface with the individual strips lying unevenly across each other.  The high mechanical properties make OSB suitable for load-bearing applications in construction.  Common uses are as sheathing in walls, flooring and roof decking.

In addition to the first floor walls, the excavator returned to back-fill 100_0169the exterior of the house.  In order to provide full support and drainage for the foundation walls, the guys firmly pack 2B shale around the perimeter of the foundation.

Usually, the backfilling is a combination of stone, soil and other materials that were left over after the main excavation was completed.  However, additional backfill may be transported to the building site if necessary.  In our case, the excavator hauled in 375 tons of dirt and stone and 75 tons of 2B shale, all of which was used as backfill and ensuring the proper slope of the property and driveway.

Be sure to stay tuned for our next blog post.  A lot of work is being done and we’ll keep you updated.  Coming up next…garage walls and roof trusses.